About us

Located in a vintage laboratory in the heart of Minneapolis, The Elixery® is an artisan cosmetic house dedicated to old-fashioned craftsmanship. We do Science from Scratch™.

Formulated and manufactured in Minneapolis

Our model is simple, but rare: We formulate original products, develop our own colors, and compound products from scratch in our laboratory. This gives us an intimate understanding of our products that few modern companies can claim.

We believe in the simplicity of beauty, the elegance of science, and the dignity of all people. We believe in gender equity and critical thinking--and we believe that smart is sexy.

We search the world to source the finest ingredients to ensure our raw materials are safe, ethical, and free of animal testing.

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Original Products

In this era of outsourcing, it's rare to find a cosmetic house anymore.

We are a throwback to a place that existed long ago, with a chemist and a compounder creating original products from scratch.

Careful Sourcing

We know exactly what we're using in our products, and we hold our suppliers to the strictest of standards.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each of our raw materials are safe, ethical, and free of animal testing, all the way back to the source.

Good Science

Our expertise in biology, chemistry, and medicinal herbalism gives us a unique perspective when developing new products.

We do extensive research in the literature to combine the traditional with the modern.

Leaping Bunny Certified Leaping Bunny Certified

All Elixery products are free of animal testing (cruelty free) and free of animal-derived ingredients (vegan). Leaping Bunny and PETA certified.