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It was 1918, and World War I was raging across Europe, and Bessie Coleman, a young black woman from Texas, decided she would become a pilot.

But Bessie had two problems: She was a woman, and she was Black, and nobody in America thought a woman could fly a plane-- much less a Black woman.

"That's ridiculous," they said.

So she told 'em all to screw off, learned French, went to Paris, and did it all anyway. She came back to America as a celebrated daredevil pilot.

This color is dedicated to all the women who chart their own course despite the odds. You rock.

COLOR: Deep purplish berry

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Elixery lipstick is free of animal testing (cruelty free) and free of animal-derived ingredients (vegan).

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    Posted by Jen Lockbaum on May 23rd, 2016

    I love the color and feel of this lipstick. I found it at a Holiday show in Chicago years ago. Thankfully, they still have a few left for me to buy.

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    Amazing Pigment

    Posted by Unknown on June 6th, 2013

    This product has great staying power. It doesn't dry the lips and goes on with a rich, dense, matte, berry pigment that looks intense and glamorous. A little too pink for me, but I added a dash of brownish red over it and it was great for my skin tone.

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    Wonderful and moisturizing

    Posted by Unknown on March 2nd, 2013

    I admit the color was a little lighter than what I was expecting, it is a berry pink, i was hoping for more of a burgundy red, but it is very flattering- and I usually steer clear or anything pink because my lips are pink and everything usually looks neon on me. This however, stays a nice dark and bright at the same time shade. The quality of this lipstick is amazing. I need a lot of moisture, and have purchased hundreds of lipsticks over the years that have ended up in the garbage because my lips were so chapped after wearing them I couldn't stand it. This lipstick is the perfect balance of moisture, with staying power and for such a dark color I have no bleeding issues, even without lip liner. I will be buying again.

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    A New Fave

    Posted by Christine on December 3rd, 2012

    Brighter and slightly pinker than expected, but in a good -- no, make that awesome -- way. Who knew I'd find a new favorite color outside my typical comfort zone?! It goes on light and creamy and stays forever. I've never received so many compliments on a lip shade before. Thank you, Elixery!

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    The Perfect Berry

    Posted by madwench on November 13th, 2012

    I love berry shades--though I have very fair skin, I have deeply pigmented lips, and berry shades are the perfect "my lips but better" color. However, all too often they're too brown, or too purple, or too pink. This color, though, is perfectly, perfectly balanced, absolutely perfect, and my new Holy Grail of lip color. Added to that is the fact that it's very light feeling, not heavy or waxy at all, but it's not a sheer shade either, it has very good coverage. And it lasts for hours, somehow, even through a meal.

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    ripe and rich

    Posted by Unknown on September 26th, 2012

    Good ripe red with a purplish undertone. The pigment level is high so the color goes on smoothly and stays true. Very moisturizing, good level of slipperiness/slickness, none of that chalky/gritty crap you get from other high-pigment lipsticks.