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Love Potion


"Be very careful with this," said the old witch. "You must make sure the time and the place are right before you drink it."

"What will it do?" asked the girl.

"It will make anyone nearby fall in love with you," said the old witch. "And frankly, that can get quite annoying. Why, I still have suitors show up at my door from years ago--and I'm an old woman now! What use do I have for them? Bah." She went back to stirring her pot.

But the girl smiled, knowing she was going to a grand ball that evening.

"I'll take my chances," she said, and skipped away.

Is it pink? Is it purple? This shapeshifter shade toes the line between colors, which makes it all the more magical. Ultraviolet microshimmer catches the light and enhances Love Potion’s unique magenta beauty. You’ll snare more than a few souls in your web wearing this enchanting color. Satin finish. Lightly vanilla scented.

COLOR: Bright Purple (violet iridescence)
FINISH: Satin/Pearl

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Elixery lipstick is free of animal testing (cruelty free) and free of animal-derived ingredients (vegan).

Love Potion Satin Lipstick.
Posted October 19th, 2018 by Sarah

Ignore the color Love Potion’s color is like a magical Matisse - suiting all colors of lips and skin tones. I tried Elixery colors that I thought we’re “me”. I gave them all away- but the feel of those “mistakes” on my lips I adored. So I tried again- others that I like very much. But Love Potion was so ridiculously purple looking I thought the reviews were .................wrong. Then a got a sample. Hoo boy-this longtime ladylike lipstick wearing woman was...........WRONG. It’s just beautiful. Love Potion feels comfortable and last hours. Get a sample. Or better yet, just get it.

Love potion lipstick
Posted July 2nd, 2018 by Tammy Stuart

Love the color and the way it feels on my lips. It just doesn’t stay on as long as I would like.

Gorgeous color
Posted March 22nd, 2017 by Deborah A Pavek

this color is spectacular! like all Elixery Lipstick it is longlasting and smells great. The coverage is great and the color is truly spectacular. I will never buy lipstick from another company again. This is my go to brand.

Just buy it.
Posted June 24th, 2016 by LtotheP

This is the best lipstick I have ever worn ever. A friend of mine had it in her makeup bag on a photo shoot and suggested I try it. I wrinkled my nose because I was like...that is purple. And would look terrible on me. But she convinced me to give it a try and everything about it was just insanely perfect. Weirdly, I'm pretty sure this is a universally flattering color. In my day-to-day life I rock chapstick or a little nude gloss, but I bought this lipstick the day after that shoot. It's comfortable to wear, long-lasting and freaking gorgeous. This has turned me into a daily lipstick wearer. If you're on the fence just buy it - you will not regret it!

Posted June 30th, 2015 by @africanlionesslove

I love this color it smells good it goes on beautifully,smooth and nice it's a really good lipstick this one and its long lasting

Incredible Vibrancy
Posted December 26th, 2013 by Michelle

I tried some of the other lipsticks Elixery had to offer, but this was one of the few that suited my complexion. As with all Elixery's colors, Love Potion's color is incredibly vibrant (a little goes a long way for me!) I love that it's all natural and actually good for my lips. I wear it often for that reason. I usually detest the taste/smell of conventional lipsticks, so the light scent and non-drying quality of Elixery's products make for a lovely user experience.

Love Potion is beautiful
Posted January 28th, 2013 by undefined

I love this lipstick's color and now wear it everyday. It is long lasting. So glad I saw the article about you in the Star Tribune!

Long lasting, stunning color
Posted August 21st, 2012 by Stephanie

I bought this lipstick several months ago thinking I would save it for special occasions when I needed a burst of color. Instead, I wear it almost daily. The color is rich and bright, yet elegant enough for normal wear. Representative of The Elixery's dedication to quality, it's long lasting and never dries out my lips. I will be buying more soon.

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Love Potion is a bright purple lipstick with a violet iridescence. The lipstick is in a gold tube.
Closeup of Love Potion, a bright purple lipstick.