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This perfect greyish lavender lipstick was created with fashion designer Samantha Rei as part of her Vancouver Fashion Week collection. Most pastel lavender shades have a blue undertone - but Samantha wanted this color toned down to match the monochromatic vibe of her id.ego collection. This color is also designed specifically to go with the undertones of darker skin (Samantha felt that there weren't enough lavenders for goths with more melanin.)How awesome is that? As always, she's impeccably on trend with this gorgeous shade.

COLOR: Grey Violet

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highly recommend
Posted April 30th, 2016 by Anonymous

Beautiful lavender purple color - looks fantastic on.

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Greyish lavender lipstick called Midnighter, in a gold lipstick tube.
Closeup of Midnighter, a greyish lavender lipstick.