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Closeup of vintage red lipstick and top of gold tube

When Nevermore was created, the code name for it was "Perfect Red." This shade of vintage red lipstick works on a wide variety of skin tones (and believe me, the whole rainbow Elixery crew tried it!) It took months of testing and development and finally we all agreed: This was THE red lipstick we wanted in our line.

But alas - once we made the batch, we found that one of the pigments was no longer being produced. In the world of color, pigments are not interchangeable - and we knew immediately that this was the one-and-only batch of "Perfect Red" lipstick we could make. So sadly, we named it "Nevermore."

But then, we found a substitute for that missing pigment! The heavens opened, and we all rejoiced. Nevermore will (fingers crossed) be Forevermore.

This shade is a bold red in a satin matte finish, with that coveted blue-red undertone - without being so "blue" that it pulls pink on yellower undertones. It's bright, cheerful, and delicious - a pop of bright cherry in that vintage come-hither style. It's what we've been looking for in a red lipstick, and we're pretty sure you'll like it too.

Nevermore Forevermore!


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