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Her theory for subatomic particles was close, but her math was still off. Frustrated, she decided to feed the cat.

"Come here Higgs!" She shook the food box.

The cat skittered into the room, jumped onto the table and scattered her work to the floor.

As she picked up her papers, she noticed a strange thing. When her pen had landed, it had made a strange marking in the middle of her equation.

"Hah, that looks like the symbol for…" she paused, then jumped up. "That’s the answer!"

Serendipity favors the prepared.

A pretty dusty pink lipstick that pairs perfectly with everything in your closet. Wear it when you meet the Queen. Satin finish. Lightly vanilla scented.

COLOR: Dusty pink

FINISH: Satin creme

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Elixery lipstick is free of animal testing (cruelty free) and free of animal-derived ingredients (vegan).

Great barely-there summer color
Posted January 5th, 2016 by Lola

As with all the Elixery lipsticks, this makes my lips feel incredibly lush. The color is exactly the hue I wanted, but a little lighter than I was hoping for. I think it will be my summer go-to. On me it's darker than a nude, but not by a lot.

Wear daily
Posted December 8th, 2014 by LuAnn

Love this color! I have a darker more red color (Aviatrix) which I like but is more dramatic. This color is good for any time of the day. Darker than Karma but I would put this in the same tonal category.

My favorite
Posted May 16th, 2014 by Becky

This is the color I wear 90% of the time. I may wear others for a certain event or because I am wearing a certain color, but this is the one I ALWAYS go back to.

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Serendipity, a dusty pink lipstick shade in a gold tube.
Closeup of Serendipity, a dusty pink lipstick.