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Bergamot Essential Oil, 5 mL


Cold pressed Italian Bergamot is extracted from the peels of the Citrus bergamia fruit. A light, refreshing, and spicy citrus oil, bergamot is frequently used in natural perfumery and aromatherapy for it's balancing and uplifting qualities.

This oil blends well with lavender, lemon, orange, patchouli, geranium, frankincense, vetiver, jasmine and ylang. .

Cautions: Highly concentrated essential oil. Dilute before using. As with all essential oils, keep out of reach of children. Bergamot contains natural chemicals that are phototoxic (increases the skin's sensitivity to the sun.) Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen when using this oil.

Lovely essential oil-beautiful scent
Posted September 2nd, 2013 by Rebecca

I absolutely adore this essential oil. It is a gorgeous bergamot. I couldn't be more pleased.

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Method: Cold Pressed
Botanical name: Citrus bergamia
Height 3
Width 1
Depth 1
Citrus bergamia botanical drawing
Bottle of Elixery Bergamot Essential Oil, 5 mL